Most people see marketing as a way to promote their business.
If it doesn’t result in x number of sales, it didn’t work and is put in the “tried it” bin.


Marketing Works

This isn’t marketing, it’s a promotion.

Marketing is a consistent vehicle to acquire customers over the long term.
Campaigns can be used for short term gain, however without the correct data from marketing, campaigns rarely work.

What Marketing Does

A client of ours has seen month on month growth in their marketing stats over the past 6–12 months.
Website visits, seo rankings, social media interactions and video views.
1000’s of % in Growth!!

This is a fantastic return on investment in itself.
Yet the data is where the value is…

We now know which posts will result in the best CTR ( click through rate ).
Which search results return the most traffic.
Their videos are watched for an average of 41 seconds.
The average website visitor views 3 pages before leaving.
& much more…
We also found niche areas gaining attention to take advantage of.

What Marketing Means

This means, now when we run campaigns, we are targeting what brings the best returns. Rather than what most businesses do with the “fingers crossed method”

If you’re unsure how to get your marketing working for you, book a free Clarity Call with us. If you already know what, Contact Us and let’s discuss the next steps.

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