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Every Business Needs Customers

We have been working with businesses in different locations, at different stages and in a number of sectors. One struggle is always the same, they need more customers!!
Is it the same for you?

The 6 week Accelerator Program is suitable for anyone in business that wants to generate more leads and customers. No matter stage you’re at or budget you have available.

We use this same process when working with a business on a monthly basis. 
Now we are giving you the opportunity to follow the same process to get your efforts working for you.


What will be covered

We have broken this down into easy to follow information, instructions and tasks for you to complete. These will be sent each weekday, over the 6 weeks to build your process.
It doesn’t take up much time and tasks can even be saved as weekly and done on weekends or when you have time. 

We will cover all the main elements you need to ensure your process gets the customers you want. 

you will also receive these bonuses!

As part of this amazing special offer, we are also giving you access to these 2 training courses delivered by one of the UK’s top experts in the field of publishing. You will be given codes to sign up for these absolutely free ( both sell at £147 ).

write your own book

Writing a book and then finding a publisher can be hard work, and even if you manage it, your publisher will no doubt take most of the profits. Thanks to the introduction of Amazon Kindle, and many other tools and resources now available, the concept of ‘Self-Publishing’ is a profitable reality.

create your own Courses

This intensive training course covers every element of the online course creation system you will need. Learn how to identify niche markets you can capitalise on, plan and create your own online training course and follow the step-by-step creation process to getting your own training course online fast.

Ready to get started?

plus, You Even Get a Double Guarantee!!

We’re so confident that our Accelerator Program will work for you, that we are making this an easy option to go ahead with 2 solid guarantees…

Money Back

Test out the Acceslerator Program for the first week, if you feel it’s not for you just get in touch and ask for a full refund.

You will get customers

We know this works, if you follow our process & are not generating customers within 6 months, we will work with you for free to get it working.

Ready to get started?

How is this delivered?

Here’s the great news, we are delivering the 6 week accelerator program in a number of different ways and you get access to them all.

So whether you want to get involved with others online or lock yourself away and not even speak with us.
We’ve got you covered. 
Check out the options below.


Each week day, we send an email with all the information included.

Each email contains information, instructions, examples and a task. These tasks help you build your customer getting process. 

Online platform 

We also update an online platform which you will have access to throughout the program.

All the info sent in the emails will also be uploaded to an online platform, so you can access a weeks tasks all online or from an app if you wish.


you can also join like minded people in our special Facebook & LinkedIn Groups

We’ve created these groups to help support you and create a community feel with like minded people. We will talk through the tasks and any issue within here. 

Let’s be honest, if what you’ve been doing isn’t working, you need to change it right?

If you’ve been doing you’re own marketing and promotion, yet it hasn’t produces the results you wanted, following a process that does work makes sense right?

If you’ve had help before from a company or purchased certain training that hasn’t delivered, don’t worry we’ve backed this up with a double guarantee.

You know your business, your sector and are an expert in your own right. Let’s get that in front of the right customers. A fresh pair of eyes is all that’s needed

who will this help?

we’ve covered all bases with the 6 week accelerator program 

No matter if you’re an established business or just starting up. The business owner doing your own marketing, have someone doing it in house or outsource it. Offer services or products, online or offline, maybe even both.

The same struggle exists, you need customers. 

We will run through the process required to make your marketing, promotion and lead generation a success.  

Business owner

If you do your own marketing and promotion, then this is perfect. You will understand how to get it really working for you.

New start up

New to business or about to start one? This will give you a running start. Every business needs customers, new or established.

service based

If you offer services but are struggling to create a steady flow of customers, we show you a tactic that works.


If you’re business is just online, you don’t have to change that. You have to work hard to keep a competitive advatage though.

In house

If you’re running the marketing department for a business, this will help simplify the process and generate results. 


Are you an established business looking to expend? More sales are needed to achieve this and lead generation is the way.

Product based

Products usually face a lot of competition, you have to stand out from the others offering similar items. 


Offline service and product providers can increase their lead generation at fantastic rates using online tactics. We will run through it all no matter what you do.


Still have question? 

We’ve tried to make the 6 week accelerator program as straight forward as possible.

You join now at a super great price, we email you confirmation and we get started on the 4th of Feb.

Should you have any other questions, just head over to our contact page and drop us a line.

How do i join?

Click one of the payment options which will take you to PayPal. Once you’ve paid, you’re in! 

What happens after I pay?

Once paid, you will be taken to another page for a few more details. You will also receive an email from us confirming you’ve joined.

how much time will it take?

Up to you, we lay out tasks each day to help you build your accelerator process throughout the 6 weeks. These can take 10 minutes if you know your business or as long as you want if you’re starting over.

when does it start?

4th of February we get started, the first email is sent around 9am. You will receive schedule info once joined. 

how do i know if this is for me?

If you need customers and your current efforts aren’t bringing you the results you want, this is for you! Any questions, just get in touch.

what if I need more support?

Throughout the 6 weeks, you will have access to a special support email address. If there is anything you’re not too sure on, we will help guide you. You will also have access to a Facebook & LinkedIn community.

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