what’s your pop?

In order to move forward in business, you have to know where you want to go. That in itself is great as a starting point however it’s not the whole story. For you to make your next move in business, you need to be crystal clear on your POP!

Positioning – Offering – Process


If your business isn’t achieving the results you want – lack of customers, not enough profit or you’re unsure on how you should be marketing. Then it will be down to at least one element of your POP.

The same goes for the reverse problems – you’re too busy, not moving forward or unsure what to do next.

The aim of our POP Strategy is to get you crystal clear on 3 things:


It’s not about where you fit right now, it’s where you want to be.
Whether you are struggling to get your business going, you’re moving into a new service, product or location area or can’t keep up with demand.
Your positioning will allow you to focus on the key areas that actually matter.


What you offer is a key component for your marketing efforts. Not only will you know where and when you should be making this offer, you will also know how to offer it.

Are you leaving money on the table? Less business could actually equal more revenue and more profit when your offering is working for you.


When you know which type of customer you want to attract and have a fantastic offer for them, you now need to know how to get them.
Online, offline or a mix, it doesn’t matter when you have flowing process.

The good news is, we help you develop a process that suits you and your business, making the whole thing as easy as possible.

How it works



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We ask you to apply and not just purchase straight away. The reason for that is we want to make sure we can actually help.
Although the POP Strategy is the foundation that ever business needs, there could be a factor that makes us recommend a different direction.

You can apply at the bottom of this page or by contacting us. A member of our team will discuss the next steps and take payment.


More Info

The consultation takes up to 2 hours, it can be done over the phone, video chat or in person*.
In this time we will discuss your business, struggles, goals and give you Clarity over your next move.

This consultation is more than enough by itself, it’s been described as a breakthrough session by business owners. We actually then develop actionable steps for you achieve what you desire.

*In person consultations are completed in Bristol. Should you require us to come to you, a fee will be discussed when applying.


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Once the consultation is complete, we even spend time researching your business, industry and some of the topics discussed in the consultation.
This is to enable the Certainty that your move forward will work for you in the way you want. 


Strategy Report

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Once the research and consultation data are complied. We create a POP Strategy report so you have the Confidence in actioning the steps you need to achieve your business success.


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With this new found Clarity, Certainty and Confidence, it’s then over to you to action the steps we have advised.
Don’t worry though, we won’t leave you to it. Although you have everything you need for the next step, you also have access to us should you need to discuss any area of the plan.

The outcome

The POP Strategy is to design to help you build the foundations needed for business success.
Our aim from the POP Strategy is for you to be crystal clear on these 4 things:

How Much You Should be charging

Where do you fit within the market when it comes to price? The truth is, it doesn’t really matter as you’re not going to be competing on price. 

How to get the customer

Some customers are ready to buy right now, some will need a little convincing that you are a good fit them, either way we create a customer journey.

The type of customer to go after

A lot of efforts are wasted by chasing any type of customer, once you show you have what they want, they will come to you.

The process that works for you

Whether you want your customer acquisition process to be online, offline or a combination. We will help develop the best solution for you. 

Will this work for me?

We have worked with a number of business owners other the past year and have found that the POP Strategy is the foundation for success. Each business has the strategy tailored to them, yet it follows the same key areas. Below are some of the business types we have helped with this:






Sports & Fitness 




Many More


We help you find the solution to the struggles you face. 


You then receive a plan tailored to you and your business.


With actionable steps to you to follow for business success.

– the definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over and over again thinking you’ll achieve a different result 

Are you ready to get your POP in place?

Apply today for a one off payment of £499

Give yourself the Clarity, Certainty and Confidence in making your next business move with our help.

How long does this take?

Once you apply, a member of our team will be in touch within 48 hours. From here we will discuss the process, book your consultation (usually within 1 week) and send payment details.

The consultation lasts up to 2 hours, enough time for us to extract the details needed without it feeling like an interrogation.

The research is then completed and the POP Strategy report will follow usually within 12 days. 
We aim to keep the whole process around 2 weeks.


whats needed from me?

Here’s the great part……Nothing.
We have found that it’s best not to prepare for the consultation. Instead of being planned, just be open and honest, we are here to help you at the end of the day.

We will take a few details from you initially such as your business name and brief description of you struggles etc.


What if I need Further Help?

We understand that you may not be able to do everything yourself in actioning the steps needed. 

At Bristol Business Consultations we offer a number of services to help our clients and also have some fantastic partnerships with other great companies.


How do i apply?

Just get in touch and let us know that you would like to apply. This can be from the form below, our contact page, email or phone. You can even message us on social media.



Strategy Report


Get Started

To apply for our POP Strategy service, just complete form with your details.

We will be touch shortly to ensure we are a good fit and can help you with taking your business forward.
If you have questions before applying, just get in contact with us




0117 287 2341

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