Cyber Monday

You've heard of Websites, Seo, Sales Funnels, Lead Magnets & Automation right?
Now Put them together!!

This will be our flagship product / service for 2019

Get your marketing working for you with this proven system.
Tailored to your business.


Most businesses fall short with their marketing, as they have no real system to send prospects to. A website doesn’t cut it anymore.


The popularity of products such as ClickFunnels has highlighted the use of automated sales funnels in business marketing. What’s yours? 


Better Marketing equals better sales, which equals better business. We have been tweaking this approach for the last year & now it’s your turn.

Your marketing system

We will work with you to develop a 3 to 7 step sales funnel.

Complete with Lead Magnets, Email Capture, Follow Up process!!

We guide you on how to increase your customer traffic flow and how you can make more money from your business.

This system will cost close to £4,000 when we promote it early next year, but now is your chance to get it for a fraction of the cost. 

Think about it!

Whether you work online, offline or mix of both. Your potential clients will check you out online. With this proactive system in place, you can start the process of them getting to know you or solving their problem.  

We find the best way for your business to generate leads and create an online system that works to capture details and move potential customers through a sales funnels to become a client.

In short, it’s a website. You may already have a site and that’s great, however this does more than just being a website. This is a lead generating system that works for you.

During this Cyber Monday deal, you just pay £797. This covers the costs of building the system suited to your business. After one year ( starting Jan 2020 ), a yearly hosting payment of £97 is required.

The only time additional costs are involved is if you need to increase the max email list of 2000 contacts.

There are a few optional services we offer to help generate leads, this will be discussed if you desire.  

In our Deep Dive call we discuss all the ins and outs regarding your business. From here we go though any documents, images and info etc we need. 

Send customers to the relevant pages. 

It’s simple but effective, if a potential customer is interested in your product or service, then this will help in moving them along your customer journey. 

You will have access to every part of the system, so you can edit anything you wish.

Fed up with marketing?

Content, Content, Content but no results?

Here’s why:
You’re not offering to solve someones problem. Think about it, when do you buy?

Free up time

You don’t need to worry about coming up with all kinds of blog posts, articles and social gimmicks. Even sending those emails to build relationships.

This system acts as your sales team, completing the work for you. Just send a potential customer to the relevant section.

What you will receive

It all starts with a Deep Dive call (Worth £897 so you’re already winning). On this call we plan what best suits your business for lead generation. We even give you a marketing plan.

From here we will build you a sales funnel system including landing pages, lead magnets and email automation.

This process usually takes around 6-8 weeks to complete, however as part of our Cyber Monday deal, you will receive it fully working by the new year.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us info@bristolbusinessconsultants.co.uk 

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