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Frequently Asked Questions

Which consultation will best suit my business?

Our 3 consultations have been designed to help with all levels of business. If you have a few questions, what to clarify a few things, then the basic option is perfect. Should you want us to review anything before the consultation, then the business option is what you need. On top of this, if you need a plan of action as well, go for the pro.   

How long does the consultation last?

Each consultation is booked up to 40 minutes. We have clients that use all of this time, some get the answer need straight away have are happy with a shorter period.
Of course, with our business and pro consultants, we spend additional time researching and/or planning to give you the best possible outcome. We don’t allocate a set time to this as some projects take longer than others.

Can I choose who my consultation is with?

If you have spoken to a consultant previously and wish to continue with the same one, then we are happy to accommodate. 
We do however allocate the consultant we feel would be best suited to help with your business.

Can i book an out of hours consultation?

In short answer, yes!
We know that it’s not always possible to do everything in our standard opening times.
We have created a number of evening and weekend consultation slots available. 
Please get in touch to discuss which times are available. 

what if i need further help?

Our consultations aim to deliver the outcome you need. 
The 40 minutes are used to consult, advise and analyse any problems you have going on in your business with a clear direction to move forward.
We know that sometimes you need extra support to help action some of these issues. We have options and partnerships that can you, rather than just booking further consultations. 

Can I arrange a face to face consultation?

Although most of what we do can be done over this medieval device called the telephone, we understand some clients prefer a face to face meeting.
We can arrange meeting at your location depending on circumstances. Additional costs my be applied*

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