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How Will you grow your business in 2019?


In 2018 we seen a lot of changes that impacted business, especially marketing.

How did you deal with these?

Did you even know?

Are you planning ahead for any changes next year? We know of a few happening right now.


Changes in 2018

  • Google update impacted SEO in August
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn all changed their algorithms at different times.
  • PPC had a few changes in June.
  • GDPR came in and impacting the likes of Email marketing in May.
  • Google My Business added options earlier this year.
  • Mobile and speed indicated as two major website factors.

Want some help with planning your marketing next year?

We have decided to offer a very special Black Friday Deal!!
This offer will only be available for 3 days or until a certain number of spaces are filled. Here’s what you will get:

You will receive a Deep Dive call ( worth £897 ), in December or early January.
This will help find the big marketing struggle you face and a plan
to achieve your desired result.

If that wasn’t enough, you will also receive a consultation call each month
( worth £197 x 12 ) holding you accountable and supporting with any issues.

Option 1

£500 one off payment

Option 2

£247 + 12 x £50 Payments

What's more...

We have added new consultants and partners to the team! 

With more in-depth knowledge in areas of business growth, including finance, analytics and systems, we have never been in a better position to help.

We help our clients with our trusted partners also, recommending the best in print & design, IT, insurance, sales training and recruitment.   

Marketing = Sales = Business

How we helped some our customers this year...

  • Save £500 a month on the marketing services they currently had in place. Using the same providers, yet only paying for the things that worked.
  • Finding a niche within a niche to really pursue when marketing started to produce less sales.
  • Creating a different product offering when an upsell wasn’t working, resulting in a massive profit increase.
  • Ranking on the first page of Google for one of the most competitive sectors in the UK.
  • Relaunch of a business with a new brand, keeping the same audience and attracting a new one.
  • Create a sales funnel system through a new website when the current one wasn’t working.
  • Using current videos to build a YouTube channel, resulting in first page rankings for search terms.
  • Simplified a business process, automating certain tasks rather than the owner completing them at night.
  • Marketing content now completed with a few hours for the week, rather than second guessing each day.
  • Google Ads transition from converting no visitors to having an incredible uptake. 
How Soon can i start?

Once you purchase, you will be taken to a form to give us a few details. From here we will be in touch late November to arrange a DEEP DIVE call. 

The call can be in December or early January depending on your schedule. The further consultation calls will happen once a month on an agreed date.

What's Covered?

This package includes a Deep Dive call lasting around 30 minutes. In the call we will determine your main marketing struggle and how best to action that for achieving your desired goal in 2019. A strategy plan will then be sent for you to follow ( this cost £897 itself, so you can see the value in this deal.

We don’t stop there!!
You will also receive 12 consultation calls throughout the year. These last around 20 minutes ensuring you are on track and supporting you with any struggle you face.

We concentrate on marketing as that’s what brings the sales, however we also support in other areas of business growth.
Our clients usually ask for help with:
Social Media, Seo, PPC, Websites, Sales Funnels, Video, CPA etc, we cover it all and help you to build a lead generation marketing strategy to attract more customers. 

How do i purchase?

We have 2 options to choose from, a one off payment of £500 or a first payment of £247 with 12 monthly instalments (£50).

Each option will take you to PayPal for payment ( if choosing the instalment option, the initial payment be taken and we will set up instalments separately. Any question please contact us info@bristolbusinessconsultants.co.uk    

Who Will I speak with?

We have a small team of consultants, all with different strengths. The initial Deep Dive call will be with one of our consultants that we feel suits your business.

From here we will determine which consultant you will speak with throughout the year. We prefer to keep the same consultant working with you, however should we feel another is more suited, we will look to change during the year.    

over £3,000 worth of services for £500 - 3 day sale

Give yourself a marketing advantage in 2019

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